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Whether you want to write a detective novel, an adventure story, a romantic comedy or even your own autobiography, Novel Writer software eliminates your writer's block thanks to a unique step by step methodology which includes a simultaneous approach: Learn and Write!

Step by step, this method helps you define your subject, organize your story outline and its various elements while at the same time letting your imagination roam freely

Available for Mac, Windows PC and Android tablets.
Cost: 29.99$ (USD)

  • Expert designed lessons on the main principle of writing
  • Over 35 exercises related to your story including tips and help
  • Full word processing software, compatible with Microsoft Word and other
  • Spell checker
  • Smart chapter navigator
  • Summary note
  • Character and set cards, and many other tools
  • Easy to install and extremely user friendly
  • Novel Writer software takes less than 5 minutes to install onto your PC or Mac

  • Get the software for PC Windows or Mac :

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    Novel Writer is also available on Android :

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