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Have you ever had ideas, thoughts, even dreams, that would look good in a film? You are the best person to write it then! But where do you start? How do you develop a story and bring characters to life? Film Writer provides you with all the tools you need to write your screenplay, from the first idea to the final draft in a professional layout.

Don't wait for your idea to be put on the screen by someone else. Let Film Writer take your ideas and turn them into reality by shaping them into a movie script!

Available on Mac and PC.
Cost: 29.99$ (USD)

  • Contains lessons, illustrations and exercises about the main principles of scriptwriting
  • Designed to help you work directly on your project
  • Organize your story outline and the various elements of yourstory while at the same time, letting your imagination roam freely
  • Consists of an extended word processor
  • The step outline feature allows you to visualize and reorganize all the scenes in your film so you can fine-tune your plotline
  • Insert character cards into which pictures can be imported
  • Scene numbering, and other helpful tools

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